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A Life, Taken

Directors:  George Pitsironis

Screenwriter:  DawnMarie Ferrara

Genre:  Short/Drama


"A Life, Taken" is a character driven piece that deals with the intricacies of human relationships through the exploration of one's psyche - the obvious vs the secrets that are kept within each of us. My goal is to engage our talented cast to take the emotional roller coaster ride needed to illustrate the reality of psychological and mental anguish that abuse can have on an adult. Through this journey I hope to present the reality of child abuse and how common of a phenomenon it is within our society. How it scars us and how we can overcome the inner turmoil of self loathing.    - George Pitsironis, Director    -

DIRECTOR:  George Pitsironis

Screenwriter:  DawnMarie Ferrara

Genre:  Short, Drama


Scene from the upcoming "A Life, Taken" 

Vero Films

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