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Vero Films (pronounced Veh-row; Italian for Real, Truth) is a film production company focusing on producing films that inspire, challenge and educate. They will produce documentaries as well as develop narrative stories derived from real life events and personal experiences.


At the center of the Vero Films business model is the drive and passion to unearth provocative female stories while providing a creative space for actors, writers, and directors.


The founders know that technology has leveled the filmmaking playing field and has opened the door to high quality films at low production costs.  Budget conscious and technologically savvy the founders intend to bring small stories to the big screen and deliver them through all appropriate distribution platforms.

Vero Films first project is titled 'A Life, Taken'


(Inspired by a True Story) 'A Life, Taken' is a film as well as an Awareness Campaign. Its narrative is geared towards pulling the audience into the lives of both victim and victimizer and by doing so helping others to begin a conversation. It is our hope that this conversation helps others to begin their own healing process.


- George & DawnMarie

Vero Films, Founders


“Film as dream, film as music. No art passes our conscience in the way film does, and goes directly to our feelings, deep down into the dark rooms of our souls.”

– Ingmar Bergman



Actress. Writer. Producer. Editor. Casting. Wardrobe. 

Native New Yorker, raised on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in an area known as "the Two Bridges" (a neighborhood that that sits in between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges made famous in Scorsese's "Gangs of New York"). 


DawnMarie has been a dancer all her life, is a published poet and honed her acting craft at The Beverly Hills Playhouse. She studied with celebrated acting teacher Milton Katselas (Butterflies are Free) and with accomplished, veteran actor and coach Richard Lawson (All My Children, Guess Who?). When Richard Lawson started his own acting school he tapped DawnMarie to serve as his Executive Director.  


The first film DawnMarie appeared in premiered at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival and now with an acting career that spans over 15 years she's had the good fortune to work with such notable talents as Terence Howard, Omari Hardwick, Vanessa Marcil, and Benjamin McKenzie.


As an actress DawnMarie continues to enjoy success. Currently she is in "Dead Women Walking" a feature film that is in this years Tribeca Film Festival. She also appears in "My Mom and the Girl" a short film by Susie Singer Carter. The film has spent the last year lighting up the festival circuit. It is Oscar Qualified and will make its TV debut on Mothers Day 2018. 


"Battle Scars." It was entered into the GI Film Festival LA where it won the audience award. DawnMarie received rave reviews in the film. She plays the wife of a returning Marine dealing with PTSD. "Battle Scars" was invited to screen at the GI Film Festival in Washington D.C. Memorial Day Weekend 2014. 


In May 2012 DawnMarie founded Vero Films with her husband George Pitsironis. The company's main focus is on producing films that inspire and educate. The company produces stories based on real life events and documentaries.


The first project for Vero Films is "A Life, Taken". Inspired by her personal experience with child abuse, DawnMarie wrote the script for "A Life, Taken." DawnMarie stars in the film and is the Executive Producer. To keep production cost low without loss of production value she also served as Location Scout, Line Producer, Casting Director, wardrobe department, and editor. Of the experience, DawnMarie says, "We were so blessed to have an amazing director, cast and crew. Working on this project has been a cathartic experience for me; it is my hope that it helps others to begin their own healing." 


"A Life, Taken" has been accepted into the 2015 NEW YORK CITY GREEK FESTIVAL and made its Premier at the 2014 International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival. It is currently being developed as a Feature Film. 


* For more information visit:

DawnMarie Ferrara

George Pitsironis


Born in Athens, Greece. George graduated from the two year Conservatory program at Stella Adler Studios in New York City. He served as Casting Associate for Dick Wolf productions as well. His career is filled with notable theatre credits (The Indian Wants The Bronx) 


George founded Vero Films with his wife, DawnMarie Ferrara. "A Life, Taken" is his directorial debut. George also served as Executive Producer and Casting Director on the project. 




"A Life, Taken is a character driven piece that deals with the intricacies of human relationships through the exploration of one's psyche - the obvious vs the secrets that are kept within each of us. My goal is to engage our talented cast to take the emotional roller coaster ride needed to illustrate the reality of psychological and mental anguish that abuse can have on an adult. Through this journey I hope to present the reality of child abuse and how common of a phenomenon it is within our society. How it scars us and how we can overcome the inner turmoil of self loathing."



Actor. Director. Producer. Casting.

Vero Films

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