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A Life, Taken - the short film 

The film is inspired by DawnMarie Ferrara's experience with abuse.

The Short film spent some time on the festival circuit and after being asked "what happens next?" we've decided to develop "A Life, Taken" into a Feature Film in the hopes of empowering other survivors. 

A Life, Taken - the feature film 

Detective Natalie Bacci and her partner Detective Joey Kerns go undercover to break up one of the largest sex trafficking rings. While undercover Detective Bacci comes face to face with her past. 


Untitled Ferrara/Wallace project 

The series that takes place in 2075. Racial tensions pushed to the brink, a new governmental agency is created to respond. The series follows the two lead officers of this elite agency. 

What Mom Never Told Us

A Hallmark Christmas 
Spec Script 

The Alarroz family is grieving the loss of their loving mother. The two sisters try to fulfill their mothers dying wish. Long buried family secrets are unearthed and sets the sisters on a course of healing. 

The Day Before Thanksgiving
a play in one act 

The 2016 Election cycle was the hardest on families. 

The Day Before Thanksgiving is a one act play set the day before Thanksgiving 2016. 

TDBT follows the Russo family. Will their family bonds be strong enough to survive their political differences. 

©Photo DawnMarie Ferrara

A Veterinarian's Cause

Director:  DawnMarie Ferrara

Screenwriter:  DawnMarie Ferrara

Genre:  Feature Film, Drama


A journalist is given the task of writing an article on Petloss, a topic she knows nothing about. What she finds out reveals the inner workings of animal activism gone awry. 

Vero Films

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